How to change your dating routine

Everyone’s dating routine is different, but it can get boring. Whether you’re a serial monogamist, a swinger, or involved in a partnership, the dating scene may become routine and lack excitement. 

Change The Venue 

Maybe your dating routine involves meeting sexy Penrith escorts at bars and restaurants. Think about how most dates go down after you meet that special someone online or in a chill bar. 

It’s not always smooth sailing from there, as even on the best dates, you might find yourself making some awkward small talk while waiting for drinks to arrive. If that is your routine, you should change the meetup venue, as the routine of the same scene diminishes the excitement. 

Go On A Trip 

Take a trip to somewhere you haven’t been before for a change of scenery. Try going by yourself and see what happens. Take a break from the humdrum of life and come back feeling refreshed. 

Go with someone significant. If they’re willing, take that special someone on that trip together. Along the way, this may lead to other adventures. 

Have A Picnic 

A picnic is a fun dating activity. It’s also a cheap date option since you can pack food and drinks for yourself in advance and then just bring these along when you go.

Just make sure that your picnic area has decent views. Otherwise, this could end up being more boring than sitting around at home watching Netflix by yourself.

If possible, bring along a mat to sit down on. Consider bringing along games like cards or a chess set to have something fun to do. Plan ahead to ensure that your picnic date will be a lot of fun. 

Go On A Hike

Hiking is a great way to spend time together while getting some exercise and enjoying the outdoors. You can go on a hike to a waterfall, or you can head up a mountain top. 

If you want to bring food along with you on your hike, pack it in a backpack and make sandwiches or bring along some snacks like trail mix or granola bars.

Go Bowling 

Bowling is a fun activity that can be done with a date. Plus, bowling is one of those activities that only requires a little money, which is a huge plus if you’re on a budget.

Go bowling with your regular date at least once before dating at night again. If things go well, do something fun, like playing darts when you go to a bar. You’ll be able to bond and make the time together a lot more exciting and memorable. 

Break The Routine

You don’t have to settle for dinner and a movie. In fact, you can break out of your routine by doing something new and exciting, like getting tickets to a concert or comedy show. 

If none of these suggestions appeal to you, think about what would make dating fun again. Trying out a new restaurant or going to a different bar may be more your style. Do an activity you like, such as going to a museum or walking along a beach. 

In Conclusion

When it comes to dating, you can easily change the routine by changing venues or doing a new activity together.